Let’s Talk Lips

My lips have been beyond dry this past week so today I finally did something about it! I found a great DIY Lip Exfoliation thanks to the ModCloth Blog. The great thing about it is it really did work! Below you can see the DIY and the perfect exfoliant to buy! Let me know if you think either work!

Cold Weather Conditioning

Winter time is a pretty bad season for hair, not that there are not any other outdoor conditions that prevent your hair from staying conditioned, but winter does make it hard for your hair! Here are two products that I suggest to help keep your hair baby soft and restore it!


Hope you found these little hair tips helpful! How do you keep your hair looking healthy?

Oscar’s Night Out

Here are my favorite celebrity looks. I may not have enjoyed everyone’s outfit from head to toe, but here is my list of everyone who I thought looked fabulous!!

Amy Adams’ dress may have a tad more fluff than I am normally for, but she pulls it off so well looking as timeless as ever.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Jennifer Aniston looks stunning as usual. Her red dress is perfect-not overwhelming and not too red!

I am not sure if this is my favorite dress I have seen Reese Witherspoon in, but she sure does look gorgeous and her hair is perfection!

Jennifer Garner’s dress may be the same shade as the famous dinosaur, Barney, but this shade looks great on her. Not to mention her hair and makeup look natural but oh so perfect!

Sally Fields looks absolutely fantastic in this Valentino gown.

Catherine Zeta Jones is my favorite of the night! She looks so stunning from hair, to make up, and boy do I want her dress! Not to mention she killed her performance of “All That Jazz.”